Max Grip Gloves

Max Grip Gloves


Max Grip Gloves - These gloves were designed for crews of military aircraft of the United States.


  • Allow great dexterity and a high mobility of the fingers also protect hands from the flames to be fire resistant.
  • It is made from two materials, goatskin and synthetic fabric, both appropriately treated for flame resistance.
  • The synthetic fabric is composed of 92 % meta- aramid 5% para- aramid and 3% of antistatic material.
  • The synthetic material is used for the back of the hand, thumb, sleeve and wrist band. The goatskin is used for fingers, palm and reinforcement on the knuckles. Materials, synthetic fabric and goatskin must be combined in accordance with the desired tone color.
  • Can be manufactured in three colors: Desert -Tan 459, Black 357, Sage -Green 1590 -Green or Foliage 504, Figure 28 shows two alternative colors.

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